A Norwegian Escape
2017 Oslo > Skjolden

I flew to the beautiful Norway with my travel bud Parker St Charles and I loved every moment of it! We definitely got funky jokes for days: from the #bernt life TO all the funny driving signs (like BOM! and Farts) TO bedtime stories made up of chapters with alternative endings. Our side conversations about the creative process in art and music, and the beauty of weirdness quickly sparked the deep passion inside of me that I have been denying for so long. I really enjoyed the many times you sang the acapella of Frank Ocean's song to me on our 12-hr car ride across the country, hah! Can't believe we did one of those once-in-a-lifetime silly things on top of a snowy mountain without a care in the world. Oh, how within just a few days, you inspired me to live in the moment and it made me feel alive again.

One of my fondest memories in Oslo is the #bernt party night with the ladies Emel Sulejman and Liselotte Krosvik. Thanks for taking us to delicious Norwegian food/drinks and all the local hidden gems! We will spread the #pondus love with us everywhere we go. Thanks Emel for admiring my lettering art work from afar and Liselotte for the thoughtful chocolate gifts for the road! You gals are the best.

Then there was the Viking museum where we got to see the Viking ship up close that was found in Ian's family backyard. Mmm, the history! And, we completed that night at a dimly lit Viking cave with some tap beer and a crackling fireplace! Mmm, the vibes!

And last but not least, Lill Jeanette Halbakken completed our Norwegian experience in the fjords! Your home was welcoming and warm with love; we are super grateful! The mountain hike was breathtaking and worth it all through the snow. Thanks for letting us be crazy and do the local ice bath activity with Truls Langnes and Grete Tetli. Oh, and such a coincidence that both Ian and Truls play bass! 

Takk, you amazing humans!