#liveMandylive Adventure.

A Norwegian Escape

🇳🇴 Oslo + Skjolden


How this kind-of-spontaneous trip happened: I found inexpensive round-trip tickets for Norway and a co-worker agreed to go with me. Funny enough, I had met Liselotte and Emel when they visited New York a few weeks back, so we all met up in Oslo. They brought us to all the local hidden gems and we got to try delicious Norwegian food and drinks! We couldn’t stop laughing at our own pondus jokes, squeezed 4 into a photo booth meant for 2, danced silly at a heated outdoor dance floor, and ended the night with mini golf around 3am.

The city of Oslo in November was such a pretty sight–along our walks, we saw some frozen plant life, funky mural art, and warmed up with some freshly baked goods and hot beverages from local bakeries. And, of course, we couldn’t leave Oslo without visiting the Viking museum (where we got to see the Viking ship up close that was found in Ian’s family backyard?!). We spent our last night at a dimly candle-lit-only Viking cave with tap beer and a lively, crackling fireplace. Right before we left for the road trip, our sweet friend Liselotte sent us off with chocolate snacks. *cries*

After 6 hours on the road with Frank Ocean acapellas by Ian, endless bernt jokes, and a ferry ride, we entered Skjolden–oh, the fjords at last! We were greeted by Lill at her lovely home–a remote cabin with a fantastic view of the Sognefjord. It was a winter wonderland out here–everything was black and white in real life! We almost got stuck in the snow filled roads while exploring, but fortunately Ian was great behind the wheels in snow/ice, whew.

When we went hiking at the nearby mountain, it ended up snowing at the top…very dreamy indeed! There was not a single soul on that mountain, so I took some self-timer photographs topless and bottomless heading back. Of course I ain’t posting those here. 🙂

Last but not least, Lill made our dreamest of dreams come true–ice bathing in Norway. She packed some winter hats, socks, and boots for us that evening and sent us off to her good friends, Truls and Grete for the icy dips in the lake! Plus some sweat healing in the private sauna. It honestly felt unreal, but it made me feel more alive than ever.

To the amazing souls of Norway that I was fortunate to meet and spend time with, takk, from the bottom of my heart. ❤ 

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