To Grandpa

For teaching me how to live.

To Alexis Mena (Farmer, Chef, Artist, & Educator)

For reminding me that we are not “too much,” and that we should never doubt ourselves.

To Patricia Persaud (Product Designer)

For inspiring me to be intentional, proactive, and the “bigger person” for others.

To Arianna Bollers (Designer & Letterer)

For showing unconditional love, support, and kindness to our friendship.

To Professor Julia V. Jordan (President/Founder, Spoons Across America)

For supporting my endeavors from near and far, and giving me the best advice on life: “design your dreams and work smartly to make them happen.”

To Samia Lemfadli (CEO & Founder, The Urban Wild)

For creating opportunities for our future generations, and inspiring me to leave our world a better place than we found it.

Thank you