visual creator, movement enthusiast, community builder

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Everybody's got a mission, and mine is to build a global community of doers to heal together. 
Photo by Aung Myat
My Story

I was born in the U.S. but fortunately spent my early childhood years in China with my loving grandparents. Although I graduated with a Communication Design (branding/marketing) background, I prefer making organically with my hands – from lettering little thank you cards to painting large wall murals, and collaborating with other creatives to breathe imaginative ideas to life.

My favorite movement explorations for mental training / sweat healing are bouldering and dancing. Both of these activities come with tight communities of loving kindness.

Oh yeah — one day I’d love to build my own A-Frame house, grow my own food in a hydro/aquaponics system, and go hiking with my future Shiba Inu travel companion.

My Intention

Adventure. My heart belongs to the desert sands and glaciers, and the unfamiliarity of cultures across the seas. It is in solo traveling that I find myself and the meaning of life.

Make. I intend to create art / build with impact — whether it is to beautify a space, tell a story of a place, or serve the local community.

Inspire. By sharing stories of my adventures, passion projects, and self-initiated challenges, I hope to move others to explore and find their purpose as well.

To living,
Mandy Mei