Photograph by Leo Cunalata

What is life without creativity and intention? I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and also spent time in Guangzhou, China during my early childhood years. With 8+ years of experience in branding design, marketing, and community engagement work, I have found that my passion really lies at the intersection of community + culture, education, innovation, sustainability, the wild, and movement exploration.

I’ve had the chance to explore the cultures and wild places of 14 different countries–from camping in the Sahara to the glaciers of Iceland, to living in a Buddhist monastery on top of a mountain, I think it’s safe to say that those experiences changed my life and my mission. I have been brought to the realization that my purpose is bigger than myself. My intention is to take part in creating a more sustainable future for our planet (intentional consumerism, respect for nature, sustainable farming, and corporate responsibility).

I thank the organizations, communities, and individuals listed on my dedication page for who I’ve became and where I’m going. #liveMandylive

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A self-starter—curious about the world, research-focused, a careful listener, organized planner, creative and collaborative problem solver… And she also stands firm and confident in her abilities to take on new challenges, dedicate time and effort to learn and listen, and consistently looks at life as an awesome adventure.

–Professor Julia V. Jordan, Founder of Spoons Across America